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Interviews- Who Knew?

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Our job at CPC is to understand every tool available to help students show colleges that they have the skills to be successful. Unfortunately, for many students, some of the details are hidden in the small print of websites. We find that interviews can be one of the casualties of not paying attention to details.

Did you know there are several types of interviews? See below-

  • Invitation Only - Some selective schools will offer interviews by invitation only. For these schools, such as Yale, MIT, Princeton, Dartmouth, Duke, Georgetown, Penn, and Emory, we recommend submitting regular decision applications a month before the deadline to ensure interview slots don't fill.

  • Program of Study - Schools might only require interviews for certain programs of study.

  • DePaul University - Theater and Music Majors

  • Drexel University - Custom Designed Majors

  • Boston University - Accelerated Medical Program

  • Butler University - Jordan College of Art and Design

  • Video Introductions - Columbia University and Brown University offer video introductions vs. the traditional interview. Students need to monitor their application portal to make sure they submit their videos before the deadline.

  • Test-Optional Applications - If a student is applying test-optional and interviews are offered, we highly recommend students scheduling an interview. Schools such as Lake Forest College and Fairfield University highly recommend test-optional c