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Early Decision Applications- Pros and Cons

student pondering and thinkiing

Last year's application cycle confirmed that many schools want to shore up their incoming rosters early. We saw many schools accept 50% or greater of their students through Early Decision. What are the pros and cons of considering an Early Decision contract?

Pros - Some students have had a longer runway while researching schools and know that a particular school is the best fit. Below are reasons to consider an Early Decision contract:

  • The student's academic profile and application content are in great shape and ready to go by the ED deadline.

  • The student is eager to learn of a decision by December.

  • The parents and student have run the school's net price calculator and are comfortable with the pricing.

  • The student has used virtual and in-person resources to thoroughly research the school's academics, campus, and educational culture, residential life, extracurricular activities, and student resources.

Cons - There is much growth between the Fall and Spring of the Senior Year. Many students need that time to develop before locking into a school. Be careful when the following may be the case:

  • The school's selectivity is a major factor in the student's consideration of an ED contract.

  • The parents are not comfortable with the results of the net price calculator and are concerned about loans and affordability.