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College Board New Digital SAT? You have questions, we have answers

Updated: May 23, 2023

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Where is the test taken?

Students will take the test at school or a test center, not at home. Check out this graphic of digital SAT changes. College Placement Consulting students can now access a diagnostic test for the adaptive digital SAT, register here.

When is the first available digital PSAT and SAT?

If a student takes a paper and a digital test, can the results be used in super scoring?

Will the score levels change?

How will students access the test?

What are some features of the testing app?

Are there the same number of sections?

How long is the exam?

When are scores released?

Since the exam is shorter, will students need to work much faster?

Now that the R/W section is combined into one section is the content different?

More Vocabulary?

Is the math content changing?

What is an adaptive test?

How does an adaptive test work?

How does the first module in each section affect the remaining questions?

Will the College Board still include the experimental unscored questions?

Will the Question-and-Answer Service be available for the digital test?

No, one of the reasons for that is that the College Board says that each student will have a unique version of the test on test day, which bolsters security. Instead, they will release practice tests regularly throughout the year, so there is extra learning material.

Does College Placement Consulting help students with standardized tests?

How Does Arbor Bridge support College Placement Consulting families?


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