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2021 Application Cycle - An Interesting Time and Things You Should Know

A CPC parent kindly forwarded this GA Tech admissions blog to me, knowing I am a data freak. The content deals with the issue of yield vs. the number of applications received. This year's application cycle was a flood, mainly due to the change in standardized test requirements.

According to this NYT article, the winners in the application increase race are highly selective and state flagship schools. Quality schools that accept >50% of students are in the trenches, fighting for their piece of the application pie.

What are our takeaways?

  • April 6th announcements - Ivy's and other schools that accept < 25% of applicants will announce by 4/6. Expect waitlists to expand as the game of musical chairs begin in which students place a deposit on school #1 and accept a waitlist position if they are not...

    • tired of the process

    • have the patience of Job

    • possess the humility not to disregard a top school that doesn't still quite want to commit to their talent unless another student rejects their offer.

  • Waitlists - The expectation is the more selective schools might slow-walk their waitlists. Last year, we saw schools dip into their waitlists before May 1st. This year the reach into waitlists may take a bit longer.

  • Competition for students- This is a song I sing quite frequently. Quality moderately selective private schools will compete for strong students with merit scholarships. If your student lacks some of these schools on their application list, a call to admissions might offer a post-deadline submission. The game is not over for financial offers, and parents should consider appeals when the circumstances exist. Appeals for events such as

    • income changes from your FAFSA reported income

    • extraordinary expenses, perhaps from a family member's illness, sending other students to private school for in-person learning

    • an offer that is less than the average package the schools provide coupled with more substantial offers from competing schools

A lot of dust has not settled yet. Some of the last big flagships have sent out acceptances. Selective schools are still grinding through applications, and moderately selective schools are engaging and trying to persuade.

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