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Sophomore year is prime time to begin prepping for the college selection process. By deliberately setting aside time to discuss your student’s goals, we will help build a concise and well thought out map to great success.

Most Sophomores begin structured college planning the second-semester of Sophomore year, when deciding next year’s courses to take. We kick off the journey with a review of your past curriculum to ensure it meets high school and college requirements. Artists begin creating their portfolio. Student-athletes start collecting videos of highlights. Study and time management skills are reviewed and re-examined. Students are encouraged to try new activities and begin to take up leadership positions within clubs and organizations. We review what went well during freshman year, what didn’t go well and start refining the student’s plan. Students take an assessment to better understand their deeper college preferences. We discuss standardized tests and students begin test prep planning for the summer prior to or during Junior year.  JUNIOR PLANNING >>

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