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Limited Enrollment Programs - Clearing the path to reach your goals

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

I was helping a family today navigate options and thought to share this information with all, whether they are applying to the University of Maryland or other schools with limited enrollment majors.

UMD has over 30 limited enrollment programs. Knowing which programs are competitive and alternative majors to place on your application can help students ready their path.

UMD states that your preferred major does not affect your admission into UMD, but a student may be admitted and not get the major they want. UMD’s common application will allow students to select an alternative major as a backup.

Let's use Biology as an example, where selecting a correct alternative major can help a student reach their goals. For last year’s application cycle, UMD considered the biology programs below limited enrollment.

Biological Sciences - Cell Biology and Genetics

Biological Sciences - Ecology and Evolution

Biological Sciences - General Biology

Biological Sciences - Physiology and General Biology

Biological Sciences - Microbiology

If accepted to UMD but the alternative major, a student can apply for transfer to Biological Sciences and Biochemistry major after completing the following gateway courses. These gateway courses provide insight into what they are looking for in the student’s application for first-year admission to that major – strength in high school course rigor, grades, AP tests, and math SAT/ACT scores. You can click here to see CPC’s report on the minimum AP scores accepted and the 75th SAT percentile for MD State Universities/Colleges.

  • Completion of MATH130, 135, or 140 [Calculus I] with a minimum grade of C-

  • Completion of BSCI170 AND BSCI171 [Principles of Molecular and Cellular Biology and lab] with minimum grades of C-

  • Completion of BSCI160 AND BSCI161 [Principles of Ecology and Evolution and lab] with minimum grades of C-

  • Completion of CHEM131 AND CHEM132 [General Chemistry I and lab] with minimum grades of C-

  • Completion of CHEM231 AND CHEM232 [Organic Chemistry I and lab] with minimum grades of C-

Below are alternative majors that are not limited to enrollment and provide access to these gateway courses. I think Animal Sciences is likely the stronger option of the two.

Animal Sciences – Pre-Science/Pre-Professional Track - Core courses include bio, organic chemistry, genetics, biochemistry

If students are looking for backup plans to obtain in-state tuition through the Academic Common Market, consider the following ACM majors at these schools if the student resides in Maryland.

  • University of Kentucky – AG and Biomedical Technology

  • University of South Carolina – Pharmaceutical

  • University of Georgia – Genetics (in-state junior and senior year)

We are standing by to support you if you want to learn more.

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