Going Test-Optional? Here is what you should know

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

More than half of all U.S. four year colleges and universities will be test-optional for fall 2021 admission. Admissions officers will be scouring test-optional applications to find hidden gems of information that can prove a student will be successful on campus.

What this means dear student, is no more "drive-by" applications! Imagine the increased workload on an admissions counselor's desk as schools see an increase in the number of applications to review. I can hear their moans, "Please, Lord, not another essay about a sports injury or mission trip!"

Preparing a test-optional application is like moving from painting by the numbers to impressionist art. Hearing the thoughtful, genuine voice of a 17-year old in a college application is an art form that is available to any student interested in self-reflection and using all the tools in his/her arsenal to weave a story.

Below are some real-life CPC student examples.

Drive - Capitalize on the "Other Recommender" letter asking your Subway Manager to describe your work ethic over the past 4 years and 1,000 subs made!

Diversity of Experience - Insert in one of your essays the delight of living in a town where you can buy incredible grilled chicken from road-side church stands

Contribution - Add to your activity list how your babysitting job taught you not to talk down to little people.

Intellectual Curiosity - Describe how a curious jaunt to your first audition landed you an unexpected role as Shrek's Lord Faquaad and a love of acting to mesh with your dream of becoming a sports broadcaster

Initiative - Showcase how you managed a hometown ice cream shop that ushered 250 customers a night through the doors

All students have hidden gems. Sometimes it takes a little vulnerability and time mining for them. We are standing by to support - grab a chat!

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