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 Rising Seniors dive into applications during the summer, building upon Junior year curriculum and learn to use all of the tools in their arsenal to put their best foot forward.   

We challenge and support students to create an original and compelling message which proves they will be successful in college.  Students rely on face to face support, and their “MyCPC” accounts for research, organization, and communication.   
While confirming their college application list, students learn about application types and access a handcrafted application timeline to take advantage of early opportunities, avoid wasting resources, and never missing a deadline.   
Prepared parents understand how their student’s college application list is balanced for admission and financial fit and how required financial documents impact admission decisions and offers. We meet with parents to review best practices in filing the FAFSA/CSS Profile forms and when offers come through, analyzing what the numbers mean and providing recommendations. 
We prepare students to confidently walk onto their college campus Freshman Year! 

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