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University of Maryland Now Test-Optional

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

University of Maryland Campus Sign

Somewhat late to the test-optional movement, The University of Maryland has suspended the requirement for SAT or ACT scores for one year because of the pandemic. As a nationally ranked, research University with highly competitive test-score requirements, we recognize a test-optional strategy could be a game-changer for some students.

We have looked at the Common Data Set for the University of Maryland. The Common Data Set lets a prospective student compare factors like the size of the school, the cost of attendance, and the competitiveness of the admissions process. The CDS compiles some of the most important facts and figures about a college in a standardized format that all participating schools share.

This is what we see in the CDS for University of Maryland's admission criteria:

  1. Very Important Academic Factors - Course Rigor and Academic GPA remain as very important. A GPA for target admission probability at College Park is a cumulative 3.8 + of a student's academic courses (Tai Chi, doesn't count !) Admitted students took honors, Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate courses available to them.

  2. Important Academic Factors - A+ teacher recommendation letters and essays

  3. Important Non-Academic Factors - Talent, First Generation, State Residency

  4. Considered Non-Academic Factors - Extra-curricular Activities, Character, Alumni, Race, Volunteer and Work Experience

Remember, removing the SAT/ACT as a tool in your arsenal requires that the balance of your application is top-notch. Our students are doing great work using all the real estate in their application to showcase their grit, perseverance, intellectual curiosity, diversity of experience, and being generous towards others.

Most likely, the number of applications through the University of Maryland's admissions office is going to increase. Whether submitting scores or not, 2021 is the year of presenting a compelling message. As I like to say at CPC, "We don't make you taller, we just help you stand up straighter!"

If we can be of support, standing by and you can grab a video chat to discuss.


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