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University of Maryland Admission Results In - CPC Peeps Rocked It!

With many CPC students from the Mid-Atlantic Region, the University of Maryland is a popular school on application lists.

A top Honors College and robust living-learning communities provide students "the attention of a small college, the opportunities of a cutting-edge research university"

Strength in engineering, computer science, business, journalism, criminal justice, and economics attract top students and admissions are competitive.

During this application cycle, 36 CPC students applied early action and we are proud of their accomplishments

Successful students chose to take a rigorous academic schedule through high school, and not pull back on course rigor senior year. While many students worked hard to earn SAT/ACT scores in range, 50% of CPC students chose a test-optional application, highlighting their drive, initiative, intellectual curiosity, and contribution to others through other components of their application.

These potential Future Terps have a bright future and we are proud of them!

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