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Should You Order the SAT Question and Answer Service?

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

CPC recommends students order the Question and Answer Service to use as a resource in studying for their next SAT attempt.

Question and Answer Service – The question and answer service is a full disclosure guide to your scores and is available for an extra fee for the October, March and May tests.  The service includes:

  1. A booklet copy of the test that you took, including all the original questions.

  2. A table of correct answers and scoring information for the questions.

  3. A comprehensive report that lists the question type and level of difficulty for each test question. This report also shows your answers and whether you answered correctly, incorrectly, or omitted the question.

Student Answer Service – The student answer service is a pared-down version of the Question and Answer service and won’t include your test booklet so students cannot review the questions in their original forms.  It can be ordered through the College Board for an additional fee for other test dates (November, December, June, August).  The student answer service includes:

  1. Information on the types of questions on your test.

  2. The level of difficulty for each question and whether your answer was correct, incorrect, or omitted.

Students should also synchronize their Khan Academy and College Board Accounts when developing a study schedule.  In doing so Khan Academy will customize their practice questions based on prior SAT and PSAT results – all for free!

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