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Updated: Oct 10, 2020

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As we move into the back-to-school transition, CPC is offering Seniors support with their college applications in two different modes: one-on-one virtually or on-site small groups while social distancing. We aim to reduce stress for parents and students by having a plan to complete the following tasks well and in time for early applications.

  • College List – Balanced for fit, admission and probable cost of attendance

  • Resumes – Prime the pump for optimal academic and other recommendation letters

  • Activity Lists - Crafted to showcase each student’s unique traits that forecast college success

  • Common and Coalition Applications – Accounts created and data entry complete

  • Application Types – Optimized for early admission opportunities and reducing wasted resources

  • Standardized Test Review – Are you done, need more gas in the tank, or is test-optional your new best friend?

  • Financial Documents (FAFSA/CSS Profile) – Identified and estimated

  • Essays – Drafts written, professional writer feedback and deadlines organized

  • Deadline Calendar – Application, Materials, Scholarships, Financial Documents

  • Extras – Interviews, Demonstrated Interest, Campus Visits

One-on-one video chats-

These are face-to-face virtual sessions for directed, flexible times if your student is physically in school this Fall or long distance.

Twelve (12) 30-minute chat sessions bi-weekly to keep the ball rolling


In-person Wednesdays-

In-person at our Easton office for small group sessions- safely socially distancing or PODing up. Student individual work stations are each 6' apart (if not PODing up) and they will enter and exit CPC separately each day. We will follow CDC and school safety guidelines.

​Scheduled to coincide with Seniors' asynchronous (offline) learning day.

Morning or afternoon sessions every Wednesday

Eight (8) 90-minute small group sessions

Sessions begin Sept. 9


  • Ready to Roll Day 1 - Students hit the ground running thanks to summer pre-work

  • Teenager hours – We optimize teenage schedules based on their fall online, hybrid or in-person school schedule

  • No rest for the wicked – Students are required to complete work at home to prepare for the next round of discussions

  • Variety – We shake it up, no boring lectures at CPC. Collaboration, 1:1 discussions and private time to reflect and write keep the ball moving down the field

  • Completion – With small groups and 1:1 sessions, there is no hiding!

For Every Minute Spent Organizing An Hour Is Earned - Imagine a single username and login that hosts everything

  • College Research Library

  • Admission Probability

  • Test Timeline, Reminders and Goals

  • Unlimited off-hours chat with experts

  • Username and logins to all resources (College Board; Common App; Coalition App; Naviance etc.)

  • Outline of all application requirements

  • Deadline calendar

  • Resume Tool

  • Activity List Tool

  • Essay Brainstorming

  • Essay Prompts Organized By Topic

Easy Next Steps

A Few Rules

  • Students must have a laptop and connectivity (if online chatting). If connectivity is an issue we have a workaround.

  • Students must complete homework

  • Students must be able to attend all scheduled sessions

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