Is my student falling behind or just temporarily struggling – How to know?

If your student is applying early action or decision to colleges it is important to remember 67% of the GPA reported on their college applications is baked in by the end of their sophomore year.

If you are concerned your student is struggling we recommend identifying which subjects are cumulative in nature.  Cumulative subjects are much more difficult from which to regroup  and are worth some attention.

You probably DON’T need to step in yet if they:

  1. Had one or two low homework or quiz grades, but then quickly recovered (still pay attention though)

  2. Came home with an out-of-the-ordinary test grade with a clear cause you can point to unrelated to their understanding of the material (e.g. a stupid mistake, were sick when they took the test, etc.)

  3. Are having trouble with one or two specific concepts, but are open to help and willing to work through it

You probably DO need to step in a get some extra help if they:

  1. Come home with a string of low grades on quizzes and assignments

  2. Bomb a unit test or come home with a highly uncharacteristic grade

  3. Are spending an inordinate amount of time studying each night with no improvement in grades

  4. Seem “down” about the subject or aversive to studying it

  5. Say they don’t have homework or studying for that class

  6. Don’t want to go see the teacher if you suggest it

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