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How we stack up to 615 other college planners

Updated: Jan 7

Over 600 Independent college planners from 10 different regions completed an annual survey highlighting local, regional, and national pricing strategies. College Placement Consulting's mission is to leverage data, technology, and resources to deliver 5-star service at an affordable price point for most families - and pro-bono for families with demonstrated need. Here we go. Let's look at how we stack up.

What is the national average-priced package?

Across 10 regions, the average package price is $5,255, about double the CPC's program cost of $2,460. Our program begins as early as the second-semester sophomore year and provides full guidance through senior application decisions. The price is the same, so start early!

Do planners support students from multiple regions?

Experience - CPC has been helping families with the college planning process for over 20 years. We also manage over 100 students, which provides depth to our experience. Only 34% of responding planners have been in business for 10+ years, and only 4% have experience managing over 100 students.

How to pay - It's amazing that less than 50% of college planners accept credit cards. CPC is much more flexible, and we offer payment plans that stretch for 18 payments at no additional cost.

Pricing increases? Although 69% of college planners reported raising their prices over the past 12 months, we have maintained a steady price point and even added services such as more writing coaching reviews at no additional cost to our families.

Our program is designed to be efficient, customized, and affordable to every family interested in helping their student build confidence and expand options during college planning. Grab a chat here!

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