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Hear What Students Are Telling Us During the Shutdown

Updated: Oct 13

As students enter week #3 of the COVID-19 school shutdown, we asked them how they were doing. The survey is anonymous and sent to 150 students from 40 different high schools.  A pretty decent response rate of 35+% means they want to be heard.  The responses are funny, sweet, teachable, and sometimes compelling.  We are blessed to work with these kids! Here are a few of the highlights:

What is the Funniest or Most Interesting Thing to Happen While Online Learning?

-"During my online class for my Chesapeake class, the train by my house that is next to 301 went by and it stopped the class for a few minutes because it was making everyone laugh."

-"My cat ran on top of my laptop during AP Gov with the headmaster, and he thought it was hilarious." -"Ummm just having showered and had a towel on my head thinking my camera was off, but it wasn’t so my teacher thought that was funny lol!"

-"A bunch of people signed onto our zoom meeting under fake names."

-"One of the kids in my zoom meeting accidentally cursed and the teacher didn’t even notice." -"I have been face-timing my Spanish class at night and we have learned so many funny and interesting secrets about each other, especially the people I haven’t talked to very much."

What is One Thing You Could Tell Your Teachers to Improve or Get Ready For Online Learning -"Help work with students whose internet doesn’t work or won’t allow them to do things- communicate with them and help them." -"My AP gov teacher has been doing a really good job of keeping us informed but still in an interesting manner. He keeps the same structure of how class normally runs and I hope my other teachers follow." -"I wish I could notify them to make sure I have all the work I need to stay caught up, so that way when we get back, I won't be behind." -"I wish I could tell them all to use Google Classroom! " -"Making checklists (weekly or daily) so students know they haven't missed anything while trying to navigate multiple online learning platforms." -"I wish I could have a more stable internet other than a mobile hotspot and without having to go to the school parking lot for internet." -"Lecture videos that can be paused and replayed would help the best with learning." -"Send more emails and tell us what we’re supposed to be doing because I have no idea." -"Make all of the classes at the same time on the same day every week." -"Be lenient some children have a very difficult home life and school was their escape from that."

What is One Positive Silver Lining Experience You Have Had During the Shutdown? -"I have had the time to enlighten myself on things I actually want to learn about through YouTube and reading, I have had time to spend with my family, and I have had time to focus on myself and get things done without distractions." -"Gotten closer with family and spent more time on being productive around the house." -"Have more time to follow my passions, such as painting and taking walks." -"It has allowed me to get a lot of things done at the house and be more active outside rather than inside looking at my phone all day. " -"We should never take time for granted, all of this free time we've been given allows us so much improvement on ourselves, to do things we never had the time to do we have no excuses now... " -"More time to be creative. " -"The acts of kindness that we have received from church friends." -"I have gotten to spend more time with my family. " -"It’s allowed me to appreciate all the freedoms I have and I’ve been able to organize and regroup my living space and future schedule." -"It made me realize how much I actually like school." -"I can’t think of one."

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