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FAFSA Made Easier - Really!

We recommend all students file the FAFSA, which is the key to getting all kinds of financial aid. All CPC students have access to the FAFSA-Made-Easier tool that will simplify the submission process. Two out of three high schools also use this tool so check in with your guidance office for access or send them this link to inquire.

Students can begin entering data into their goingmerry account as early as September 13th, so they are ready to hit submit when the FAFSA opens on October 1st. This tool is free and makes completing the FAFSA easier with the following features. Check out the three categories of financial aid here.

Simplifies Questions - You will be asked one question at a time

  • Auto-Saved - All answers are auto-saved

  • Skip Around - If you are uncertain about a question, you can skip to the next section and return to it later.

  • Need-help Resources - Handy need-help button to answer questions

  • Heads up for secretly tricky questions to avoid mistakes

To prepare, make sure you have the following information before using the FAFSA-Made-Easier tool

  • 2021 Filed Tax Return - In particular, you'll want: Form 1040 and W-2. If your parents used Schedule 1, Schedule 2, Schedule 3, or Schedule K-1 forms, get those too.

  • Current Assets - Cash Checking, Savings Accounts, and a Net worth of investment accounts

  • SSN for students and parents

Once complete, your FAFSA form will begin filing immediately, and you will be provided instructions on how to sign your FAFSA on the main government website.

Of course, students and parents can also use the Federal Government's FAFSA site to complete the form. Still, we think the FAFSA-Made-Easier tool created by Going Merry is an excellent resource to simplify the process.

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