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Devil in the details - application checklists

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Parents, remember the day you handwrote your essay, completed an application with a pencil, and submitted it with a stamp? Today students need to worry about things like "demonstrated interest", interviews, SRARs, SSARs, FAFSA, CSS Profile, activating school application portals, different deadlines for majors, honors colleges, or auditions. Did we mention the conundrum of whether to send scores, which scores to send, and how to send them?

Today's application checklists can be complicated if students want to make sure they are using all of the tools in their arsenal, which is where we can help build student confidence, accountability and make sure no opportunity is left behind. Each student's application checklist is handcrafted and populated in their MyCPC account so that they know every action to take from beginning to end.

This tool is also handy for parents who want their students to drive the bus and live by President #40 Ronald Reagan's mantra - "trust but verify."

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