College Visits–Making the Most of Your Time on Campus


College visits can be fun and exciting.  However, any experienced parent will tell you that after a few, the facts start to run together.

Click Here for a list of schools within three hour or less of Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

Before the Visit

  1. Visit the college website.  What is the Mission of the College?

  2. Schedule a meeting with faculty or academic advisor in your program of study.

  3. “Follow” or “Like” the college on Twitter or Facebook.

  4. Find name of local representative.

  5. Schedule a campus tour.

  6. Check out college brochures, Viewbooks, and Facebook pages.

  7. Consider sitting in on a class within your major.

  8. Note on your calendar local recruitment events such as visits to your high school, college fairs, and introductory sessions at local venues.

  9. Make a list of reasons you want to attend this school.  List reasons for the major you would choose.

  10. Determine if interviews are part of the admission process or non-evaluative.

During the Visit

  1. Take pictures of the campus.

  2. Attend a Campus Tour.

  3. Take notes on your visit to review later.

  4. Complete an admissions review.

  5. Check out campus housing options.

  6. Talk with a representative from your major.

  7. Check out the area around campus.

  8. Write down contact information for people you meet.

  9. Visit library, computer labs, and other campus facilities.

  10. Dine in the dining facility and/or other local eateries.

  11. Pick up a copy of the school publication.

  12. Listen to the school radio station.

  13. Explore the campus on your own.

After the Visit

  1. Write thank you notes to everyone you met on your visit.

  2. Review your notes and compare colleges.

  3. Rate your school!

  4. Put the college in the “Yes”, “No” or “Maybe” categories.

Evaluate the School

  1. What is your overall impression?

  2. Which organizations/activities would you join?

  3. Are there research, internship, study abroad, or volunteer opportunities that appeal to you?

  4. Are there cultural, athletic, or social activities that you are interested in?


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