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Admission Readiness – Grade Your Current College Profile

Student introspection re strengths as a college applicant should begin as early as the sophomore year but certainly, juniors need to take stock now.

The strength of high school curriculum tops each college admission review

  1. Sciences – Will you have taken at least 2 lab courses by graduation?

  2. Foreign Language – Will you have taken at least 3 years by graduation?

  3. Math Courses – Will you have completed not only Algebra I, II and Geometry but also Pre-Calculus and possibly Calculus by graduation?

Extracurricular Activities

What are your genuine interests and have you made a list of your current activities in and out of school in a way that outlines your impact, what you have learned and skills you have gained?

  1. What does your GPA really mean?  Do the colleges on your list consider all or only the academic courses on your transcript when calculating a competitive GPA.  Do you know your real GPA?

  2. Academic Recommendations – If your teachers were required to write your college recommendations letters today, what would they say

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Work with your student to start college planning early – steady wins the race and your life is a lot easier!



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