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Middle & High School Resource Center FAQ

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What is CPC's Middle & High School Resource Center? - We are a temporary solution to providing students in 6th through 11th grader a structured, monitored study space for their assigned school classes and work.


When are rosters available?

Talbot County Phase 1 - School Week 1 - 8

  • Roster 1 - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday AM

  • Roster 1 - 7:45 drop off and 11:30 pick up

  • Roster 2 - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday PM

  • Roster 2 - 11:45 drop off and 3:30 pick up

Talbot County Phase 4 - School Week 9+

  • Roster 1 - AA - Thursday and Friday - full online school day

  • Roster 2 - BB - Monday and Tuesday - full online school day

Can parents choose asynchronous (offline school work) or synchronous (virtual in-class) learning times? - Yes


Can parents choose both morning and afternoon rosters? - Yes


How will students safely distance? - Student individual work stations are each 6' apart or they can "POD-up" safely with family and friends. They will enter and exit CPC separately each day. We will follow CDC and school safety guidelines. See how we POD up at CPC click here.


What resources are available? - Please know that these sessions are not tutoring or teaching sessions. We provide ample workspace, safe socialized environment, wifi, printer if necessary and guidance to stay on track with online classes and assigned work.

What do students need to bring with them each day? - Students should bring their devices, earbuds, pencils, paper, and any additional needed supplies. We will not be able to lend equipment or supplies.

Where is the location? Our office is located at 8133 Elliot Rd in Easton MD.

What if my student cannot attend a session one day, do I still pay for the time? Yes, since we are unable to fill that work station with another student, you will pay for the roster seat every week for the two-month contract. Think of it as similar to joining a gym.


What is the cost? - Parents will sign a contract to enroll student until Phase 4 begins. When Phase 4 is introduced, parents can renew the contract for AA and BB rosters. The cost is $250/week for  1/2 days and $500/week for full days. Parents will review and sign a DocuSign agreement for weekly payment processing. POD UP with 3 students and receive a 20% discount.


How can I register? - Click Here to reserve your spot, which will confirm upon completion of your DocuSign agreement. 

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