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Completed Applications Before Early Deadlines

 Alleviate stress for parents and students- your student will complete their college applications well before early application deadlines.


We offer 2 modes for completing applications:

One-on-one video chats-

These are face-to-face virtual sessions for directed, flexible times if your student is physically in school this Fall or long distance.  

Twelve (12) 30-minute chat sessions bi-weekly


In-person Wednesdays-

In-person at our Easton office for small group sessions- safely socially distancing or PODing up. Scheduled to coincide with Seniors' asynchronous (offline) learning day.

Morning or afternoon sessions every Wednesday

Eight (8) 90-minute small group sessions

Sessions begin Sept. 9

  • More details HERE

  • Prefer to schedule a conversation? Please click HERE.


Your seat isn't quite saved- look for an email with payment options. Thank you!

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